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H.Barber & Sons, Inc. is a family owned and operated corporation, principally located in Naugatuck, Connecticut, USA.

Barber offers three models of SURF RAKE beach cleaners and two smaller sand-sifting units, the SAND MAN 850 and TT. The Barber SURF RAKEs are the highest quality, most efficient beach maintenance machinery available. Backing up this claim is the fact that Barber has sold more beach cleaners around the world than any other brand. Barber equipment is being used on six continents and in over 90 countries. The SURF RAKE's ability to clean a variety of beach conditions and its reputation of quality and dependability has earned H. Barber & Sons the distinction of being the leader in beach grooming technology and the largest manufacturer of beach cleaners in the world. Similarly, the SAND MAN line provides an excellent option to clean smaller sandy areas that may not require the SURF RAKE'S size and cleaning capacity.




Rethymno - Region of Crete

Kassandra - Region of Central Macedonia

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