BARBER / LITTER PICKER - Litter Collection Machine

The LITTER PICKER Model LP1 is our tractor-towed and powered litter collection machine for removing trash from large grass, soil, and paved surfaces expodentially faster than manual cleaning methods.

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The Litter Picker helps grounds maintenance teams clean large venues or longs stretches of grass, soil, or pavement faster than ever before. A tine-lined conveyor belt removes debris as large as full garbage bags and as small as cigarette butts with ease. Select one of the Litter Picker's most common cleaning applications to learn more. If you do not see your application listed, Contact a team member to discuss if the LP1 could help.

Park Trash Cleanup

Cleaning up trash in parks can be a full-time chore for many municipalities, especially city parks, which can see thousands of visitors each day. Especially considering the size of many parks, cleaning up garbage from the grass and pathways can be extremely time-consuming and expensive.

The LITTER PICKER has helped many municipalities around the country to remove garbage from the grass, roads, and paths in their parks. The LITTER PICKER can quickly remove all kinds of litter; like, wrappers, bottles, syringes, bags, and even dead animals, in a fraction of the time as by hand. It also allows the operator to stay safely removed from any unsanitary debris.

An additional benefit of the LITTER PICKER, is that it can be used for a variety of other ground maintenance purposes. It can remove garbage from parking lots, de-thatch grass to promote growth, or purify soil in ball parks.

Landfill Cleanup Litter Picker Stops Trash from Spreading to Surrounding Property

The Barber Litter Picker LP1 removes trash from Landfill slopes and grounds in a fraction of the time of manual trash pickup. As a powerful landfill maintenance tool, the Litter Picker can be seen helping Southern Oklahoma Regional Disposal combat prevailing winds to keep trash from spreading to surrounding farms.

Country Music Festival Trash Cleanup

With the explosion of music festivals around the country, specific tools to quickly remove trash after the events have become paramount. Most festival organizers rely on manual labor to hand pick the trash every night, after the performances have finished. However, this proves costly, and these workers can often not remove the massive amounts of trash in time for the next day's events to begin. The LITTER PICKER LP1 was developed to make the cleanup process fast and cost-effective.

Pulled by a tractor, the LP 1 is ideal for removing massive amounts of trash during the small windows of cleaning time afforded at music festivals. It can travel quickly and scoop up all kinds of trash with a single pass, like cans, plastic bags, cups, cigarette butts, food wrappers, and even larger materials that are often left behind, like folding chairs. It is equally effective on grass, pavement, and soil/gravel. Festival planners regularly rely on the Barber LITTER PICKER to rapidly remove huge amounts of trash and keep their festival grounds comfortable and safe.

Sports Arena Tailgating Cleanup

Large professional and college sports programs (and even high school events) can attract overwhelming crowds to their games, and tailgating forms a fundamental part of the live sports experience. While it certainly contributes to fan camaraderie, tailgating often leaves acres and acres of trash behind when the game is over, and the crowds drive away. Many sports organizations and universities use hired labor to clean up the trash by hand in sports arenas and parking lot afterwards, but this process can take days and cost a lot of money, especially when this process must be repeated on a weekly basis.

The Barber LITTER PICKER has helped many sports facility and grounds maintenance teams around the country clean up after tailgating in a fraction of the time (and cost) that it would normally take them. The LP excels at removing typical tailgating debris from grass and paved surfaces, alike. Such trash includes plastic cups, bottles, wrappers, cardboard boxes, and cans.

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