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05/01/24: Cronulla beaches make spectacular recovery after storm devastation

Cronulla beaches have made a spectacular recovery after being devastated by storms in mid-2022.

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Natural sea forces and the addition of 70,000 cubic metres of sand from the dredging of Port Hacking have created expansive sand areas for beachgoers to enjoy over summer.

Beaches are being cleaned frequently over the holiday period by Sutherland Shire Council staff using a tractor-drawn rake.

More than 200,000 cubic metres of sand was ripped from the Bate Bay shoreline in June and July 2022, a council report said.

However, within three months, beaches had substantially widened and increased in height in certain locations by more than two metres.

"Many members of the community are unaware that the Bate Bay beaches are a 'closed' system, and the sand is only transported nearby into the bay in such events," the report said.

"In calmer conditions the sand returns to the shoreline and ultimately returns to the dune."

A new Bate Bay Coastal Management Program is due to be implemented over the next decade.

Priorities have not yet been announced, and works will largely depend on state and federal grants.

Proposed key initiatives include Widening the Esplanade between Cronulla and North Cronulla and building an engineered buried sea wall at North Cronulla beach, which will include bleacher seating.

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