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BARBER / SURF RAKE - Beach Cleaning Machines

The Barber SURF RAKE is the world's most popular beach cleaning machine and is used in over 90 countries on 6 continents. As a tractor-towed machine, it is ideal for cleaning medium to large beaches.

Barber beach cleaning machines are effective in removing beach pollution such as seaweed, dead fish, glass, syringes, plastic, cans, cigarettes, shells, stone, wood and virtually any unwanted debris. Barber beach cleaning machines are even used to effectively remove oil and tar balls from beach sand after oil spill disasters.

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MODELS: 600HD, 400HD, 400


MODEL 600HD: Barber's Largest Beach Rake Machine

At 3,800 pounds, the 600HD is the largest beach rake offered by H. Barber & Sons and the most widely-used beach cleaner by municipalities to clean expansive beaches. Cleaning sand up to nine (9) acres an hour with a seven (7) foot wide cleaning path, the 600HD has the greatest sand cleaning capacity of any beach cleaner in its class. The three (3) cubic yard hopper can hydraulically lift up to 4,500 pounds of material to a clearance height of nine (9) feet and dump its contents.

MODEL 400HD: Mid-Sized Mechanical Beach Rake

The 400HD has proven to be an excellent choice for resorts, hotels and lakeshore communities. At 2,700 pounds, it is the medium-sized beach rake in the SURF RAKE lineup. It is equipped with a two (2) cubic yard hopper that will lift 3,500 pounds of debris from the sand to a dumping height of nine (9) feet. This mid-size beach rake uses the same heavy-duty conveyor and dump components as the 600HD. The 400HD can clean beaches at up to seven (7) acres per hour.

MODEL 400: Compact Beach Raking Machine

The 400 is the most compact beach rake in the SURF RAKE lineup. It weighs 1,900 pounds and can lift up to 2,400 pounds in its one (1) cubic yard hopper. Its hydraulic operated hopper places collected material neatly on the ground. Within one (1) hour, the 400 can effectively clean up to five (5) acres of beach sand.



The SURF RAKE line of sand cleaners is the most versatile beach cleaning machinery on the market. By utilizing a 'top-down' cleaning method of tine raking and leveraging Barber's patented perforated conveyor system, the SURF RAKE excels at removing all kinds of unwanted material from sand. While the following list only provides a sampling of the kinds of material the SURF RAKE can lift from the sand, it offers further insights into the machinery's various sand cleaning applications.



The SURF RAKE was initially created in order to safely, quickly, and effectively remove litter and man-made debris from beaches. In addition to making beaches safer and more sanitary by removing glass and submerged sharp objects, the Surf Rake aerates and grooms the sand. It allows resorts and municipalities to maintain their beaches year-round and create appealing, litter-free sand that will keep beach visitors returning year after year.


The SURF RAKE is the only sand cleaner that easily removes wet, heavy seaweed and mounds of sargassum. Beach cleanup can be a struggle when sargassum weed is continually deposited on the beach. For many beach resorts and communities, sargassum weed can make beach cleanup a daily effort, which necessitates some kind of beach cleanup machine. The SURF RAKE excels at removing large amounts of seaweed in both wet sand areas, where the ocean deposits seaweed on a daily basis, and thick piles of dried sea grass farther up on the beach.

Whereas sifting beach cleaners quickly become clogged and ineffective, the SURF RAKE utilizes an enviro-friendly top-down cleaning method. Using its tine-raking technology, it first removes the sargassum seaweed from the top of the sand and then digs deeper to purify it.


The SURF RAKE uses the same proven stone and rock-picking technology as the TURF RAKE. It effectively removes shells, stones and rocks ranging in size from pebbles to softball-sized rocks from beach sand. The sturdy conveyor and tine assemblies can withstand heavy use for years, while leaving a well-groomed finish in their wake. The videos below display the SURF RAKE's range of stone and rock picking abilities.


The SURF RAKE can be a powerful tool to help beaches recover after coagulated oil washes on shore from oil spills. It proved instrumental in helping the beaches that were affected by the BP Gulf Coast Oil Spill, as well as the Rena spill in New Zealand.


Red tides and changing water conditions result in tons of dead fish washing up onto beaches. The fish then cook in the sun, bloat, and become toxic, not to mention the incredible stench that accompanies them. Cleaning beaches after red tides or massive amounts of dead fish wash up on beaches can be an unpleasant and dangerous task.

The SURF RAKE provides an excellent solution to the problem. It keeps the tractor operator removed from the hazardous materials while it lifts the fish off the beach and into the bucket for disposal. The machine can be operated so that the fish do not rupture and spread additional toxic waste into the sand. In this way, the Barber SURF RAKE is able to make your beach operational and safe in record time.


Coral can be beautiful under the water, but when it dies, pieces break off, and sharp chunks of it cover your beach, it can lose its appeal. The SURF RAKE has been used by many owners of tropical beaches to keep their sand soft and welcoming. The heavy-duty tine raking system easily scoops up larger chunks of coral, as well as sharper, smaller pieces.

The slideshow below depicts a previous version of the 400HD removing dead coral from the beach. While sharing most of the same features as this one, the current 400HD model features a larger bucket for extended cleaning time and Barber's patented S-Belt for deeper cleaning.


Often lake-front beaches face the challenge of Geese droppings polluting their beach. This results in both a safety hazard and a major eyesore. Barber beach cleaners excel at removing Geese droppings from the sand to provide a cleaner, safer, and more inviting beach.


Grasses often encroaches upon the natural boundaries of beaches, diminishing its usability. In addition to cleaning the beach, the SURF RAKE can remove these grasses and help maintain regular beach boundaries.


In addition to being incredibly effective at removing debris and stones from beaches, the SURF RAKE can also be used to remove stones and sharp, hazardous materials from baseball infields. As the ideal infield groomer, the machine multiplies its value to many beachfront property maintenance teams, which often need to maintain multiple park areas. By digging up to six inches into the soil, the SURF RAKE removes any potential harmful materials and ensures the safety of the players.

Using optional casters, the SURF RAKE can also be used to remove litter and dead thatch from the grass of the outfield, making it the ultimate field-grooming tool.




Finisher Assembly

The Finisher Assembly acts as a final beach grooming tool and attaches to the rear of all Barber SURF RAKES. After the sand has been purified, the finisher smooths the tire tracks and gives the beach a combed appearance. In addition to creating an inviting path, the finisher is easily controlled. It can be set to automatically lower and raise when the PTO and conveyor are activated from the cab of the tractor, eliminating the need to think about it and streamlining the cleaning process.

Light Assembly

A light assembly can be attached to every Barber SURF RAKE, TURF RAKE, AND LITTER PICKER. Incorporating turn signals and running lights, the light assembly allows the machines to be safely transported on the road to and from job sites. It also adds extra visibility when operating on the road-side performing litter picking or dethatching. If you will be operating on roadways or in poor lighting, like early morning, the lighting assembly could be a valuable addition to your Barber machine.

Caster Group/Machine

Self-centering casters can be attached to the front of the SURF RAKE line of beach cleaners to greatly expand their functions beyond beach cleaning. SURF RAKES equipped with casters gain the ability to remove litter and debris on grass, soil, or pavement. The casters guide the SURF RAKE along the contour of the cleaning surface to ensure even cleaning, without damaging the cleaning surface. In this way, the SURF RAKE becomes an effective stone picker, litter collector, and dethatcher.

Chicago Rake

When the City of Chicago Parks District was having a problem with e-coli contamination and bacteria in the sand, they asked Barber to create a beach cleaner that could help. The new Cultivator Option was added to the back of their machine to increase the amount of sand exposed to the sun. The prongs on the back of the machine go down 12 inches into the sand. This allows the sand to be pulled up and exposed to the sun, killing the bacteria in the process.

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