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Hard Drive Marine (HDM) is owned by its founder Tom Day, who has been manufacturing for the bicycle, motorcycle, and aluminum boat industry for more than 30 years, in USA.

Since 2007, HDM has produced 60+ boats for various industries, including commercial fishing, law enforcement, Native tribes, construction, research, and recreation.

In 2012, HDM saw the need for a better marine transport design. Modern improvements have since resulted in four patents, and a next-generation landing craft that allows for rapid ship to shore load and unloading capabilities while providing unmatched speed and stability in rough seas.

The most common question we get is about cost. If you are shopping for the lowest price for a high-speed aluminum landing craft, we are most likely not going to be your first choice. We build only 4 to 5 boats annually that are cut and built by hand by our professional team of craftsmen. Many production-based builders offer a lineup of models with a list of slightly customizable options. Because we are a custom designer and builder, we want to know the boat that will suit your specific needs. We also offer patented products and technology that will surely make your boat highly functional and uniquely one of a kind. 

Most Popular Model - Hull model 4011

Build #LC9 – 4011 (Open)


Build #LC33 – 4011 (With Cabin)


Build #LC30 – 4011 (With Double Cabin & Tower)


Build #LC30 – 4011 (With Tower)


Patented Technology

MAXGATE Patented Landing System

The Maxgate Landing System can be optioned onto any of our landing craft designs. Maxgate offers a host of amazing features:

  • The Maxgate spikes powered with 3000 psi hydraulics, anchor the vessel to shore while loading or unloading in high wind or tidal conditions.

  • The articulating Maxgate spikes pull and push the boat on and off the beach as the tide ebbs and floods avoiding getting stranded waiting for next high tide. And with the wireless remote option this can be controlled from several hundred feet away!

  • The Maxgate allows you to load up to several hundred pounds of cargo on deck without the worry of becoming stuck on shore in a receding tide and possible doing costly damage to propellers and or engine cooling system. Simply engage Maxgate to maneuver your vessel back into deeper water.

  • If there is a need to let the vessel go dry, simply lower the maxgate to engage the shore and the spikes become outriggers and stop the boat from keeling over, leaving the boat stable until next tide.

  • The Maxgate also allows the operator to land the bow door onto a dock or pier with the spikes and rubber bumpers creating a “dock saddle”. This feature allows dock loading without lifting heavy cargo over gunwale and because only the door is touching the dock, you only need the width of the door for dock space!

  • Loading heavy equipment and cargo is made easy with the Maxgate powerful hydraulics. Just get the cargo to the door platform and let the hydraulics do the rest!


MAXHELM Patented Helm Station

Our newest technology makes the helm station totally adaptable, by being able to move the station anywhere on the deck where there is twin gunwale rail, forward, aft, port or starboard. ​

You can even have a removable cab and instantly move the helm station inside.


JAXCAB Patented Deck Reconfiguration


This patented technology is much more than a fancy option.

​Here are the advantages that the Jaxcab provides:

  • Reconfiguration of the deck for recreational or industrial use 

  • Moving cabin aft puts passengers in the most stable and comfortable area of the boat in rough seas

  • Trimming the boat without trim tabs, saving fuel and time

  • Sound dampening while underway. The cabin is attached to 4 points, making the hull noised greatly minimized, allowing passengers to carry on a conversation and crew to communicate, increasing safety.


Exploration Tours
Deck to deck passenger transfer
Loading a Root Ball
Ice Breaking with MaxGate
Twin Jet Ski Load Unload
Special Operations Forces
Car Transfer
From shore to ferry passenger transfer
Dead Head Removal For Safe Waterway
Hazard Removal
Spill Response
Special Operations Forces

Other Models

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