The MV-10 is the only robotic system in the world with double tool: front-positioned flail tool followed by a rear tiller. It is the only demining system in its class that has been verified in the real combat situation. Furthermore, due to its high engine power and supreme explosion resistance, the MV-10 presents the strongest system in its category.

More information:

Mission-oriented engineering platform

Prime mover and various exchangeable tools

  • Mechanical Ground Preparation & Demining

  • Mechanical Technical Survey & Clearance

  • UXO Clearance for Shooting Ranges

  • Mobility / Counter Mobility Operations

  • Breaching Tasks

  • Route Clearance


1) Flail/Tiller Double Tool

Purpose: Area/mine clearance, neutralization of AP&AT mines, vegetation clearance

Clearance width: 2450 mm

Clearance depth: Up to 400 cm

  • Mechanical Ground Preparation & Demining

  • Mechanical Technical Survey & Clearance

  • UXO Clearance for shooting ranges

2) Rotational Gripper / Dozer Blade

Purpose: Breaching, removal of obstacles, earth moving, pushing

Lifting capacity: 2,5 t

Pushing capacity: 12 t

  • UXO Clearance for shooting ranges

  • Mobility / Counter Mobility

  • Breaching Tasks

3) Segmented Roller

Purpose: Path/area clarification

Numbers of rollers: 15

  • Route Clearance

  • Breaching Tasks


Length: 7280 mm

Width: 2970 mm

Height: 2130 mm

Weight:~20950 kg

Engine type: Caterpillar C18

Engine power: 570,5 kW / 766 HP

Engine torque: 3495 Nm @ 1400 rpm

Fuel consumption: 25 - 50 l/h

Demining capacity: Up to 4500 m²/h

Ground pressure: 0,69 kg/cm²

Transport speed: 7 km/h

Operational speed: 0,5 - 3 km/h

Longitudinal gradeability**: 40°

Side slope capability**: 20°

Fording depth: 80 cm

All technical characteristics are provided for informational purposes only and DOK-ING Ltd. reserves the right to make changes without notice.

* Standard configuration with flail/tiller double tool ** Depending on the ground

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