Skype Meeting ESC - CHAMPION



Dear All,


I would like to summarize our first Skype conversation from 18.05.2016 18 o’clock Greek time.


In the text below you can find some parts highlighted red or blue.

Explanation: red - task of ESC

                     blue - task of

These are the projet elements the parties provide for free in the starting project.



  • ESC: Yannis Kaplanidis, Demetrios Tsailas

  • Ltd: Pócza Viktor, Gergicsné Klenik Judit


We disscussed the basic plan and the main goals of the first Greek Dragon Boat Festival (draft name).

We have already sent our prices offer for the dragon boats, paddles, trailers etc, which was preferred by our customers so we decided to continue the negotiations.

Facts and infos required to start the project:

  1. ESCis a social enterprise, the representatives of the company want to organize an event with dragon boat profile with 5000 athlets in Thessaloniki.

  2. To be able to organize this event they have already contacted some possible sponsors, who liked the project and gave their oral consent. Sponsors provide financial support for purchasig the boats but also the event must take place. We manage two parallel projects: purchasing and organizing the event

  3. ESC has a goal of high profit and wants to be the representative of Ltd in Greece.

  4. Please provide the event location ( more options would be better to be able to chose the best one) gps coordinates we need, we would like to check it

  5. We provide you a power point presentation with event description, which you can provide to your possible sponsors. This service from our side will be for free.

  6. sets up the financial plan for the event after having seen the location in Greece (Travelling to Thessaloniki is in progress, details today. We are waiting for your info about it until 19.05.2016) finances the flight to Thessaloniki, Ideagenesis manages local transfer, accomodation and catering for the team of 3 people.

  7. Our price list and special offer has been already sent

  8. We set up a strict timetable, with the list of tasks their deadline etc. it is for free from our side.

  9. We make the scheme of organizational plan, it is free from our side



  • pre-payment is a requirement

  • we must find a suitable location for the event 

If all the above mentioned details are clear and the parties agree to continue the cooperation the next steps are:


1. Sign the contarct/contracts (, ESC/sponsors or, this must be clarified)

2. Risk assessment: during the whole projet is a very important requirement that we analyze the possible incurring risks and we must always have a BACKUP PLAN

3. Pre-payment

4. Start the organizational work

5. Order the dragon boats and other equipments (shipping from factory is about 2 month)


If you had any questions please, do not hesitate to contact us.

 We are looking forward to hearing from you.



Üdvözlettel/Best regards,


Judit Gergicsné Klenik

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c/c: Thessaloniki - Greece


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