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 THE PLAN is the “physical” form of the business plan of the company IDEAGENESIS for SOCIAL, GREEN, BLUE & SMART growth.

The model is simple!

In 2017, IDEAGENESIS started contact with Global Leading Innovative Manufacturers, to promote their products in the market of Greece & Cyprus.

IDEAGENESIS is very proud for those companies!

  • SOCIAL products/solutions:

  • GREEN products/solutions:

  • BLUE products/solutions:

  • SMART is the business model for Growth. On one hand, IDEAGENESIS cooperates with the Global Leading Innovative Manufacturers, on the other hand IDEAGENESIS wants to cooperate with 1 person/company (as regional representatives) who will promote the Products /Solutions to Greek (& Cypriot) Markets. Generally, IDEAGENESIS gives as motivation to her representatives the 43% of her profit, keeps the 43% and the rest 14% is for law services. The rules of the regional representatives you can find it here:


Regional Representatives choose a regional or/and niche market, and their target is to find the right person for contact and promote the Product / Solutions.



& Cyprus




IDEAGENESIS as a marketing consultant gives some extra services/solutions to the Category A market to find money:

  1. Greece & Cyprus are members of the European Union. In the EU they try a lot to help each member for Social, Green & Blue Growth.

  2. In Greece there are many Special Purpose Companies which cooperate with government (especially with municipalities) for Big Projects:

  3. Last Years, leaders of the top markets start to corporate for special goals. They are interestedin their profits but also in their social profile. If there is a good Idea, and win-win situation, IDEAGENESIS is sure that they will show interest about it:

  4. IDEAGENESIS believes that Chambers are "Dragons who Sleep". With social media and e-mail marketing, that "Dragons" can Awake:

  5. In Greece we have Crisis last 10 years. But also we have some very profitable companies. Such a year ICAP (organization) presents the leaders of 40 markets. Together we can do a lot of things:

  6. In the period of Crisis there are some Foundations who try to help. Every foundation has the same goal, “a better life”.

If the Government or the non-profit organizations hasn't got the Know-How to find money to buy the Product/Solutions of IDEAGENESIS, they can give the authorization to IDEAGENESIS to Try.




“A Plan, A Goal, A Vision, A Joint Attempt!”

  • Plan: A guide to escape from Crisis.

  • Goal: Social, Green & Blue Cities.

  • Vision: Smart Communities.

  • Joint Attempt: The World Innovative Leaders, local partners, and all markets of economy.




  • Greece is very small country, check it in google map.

  • These is the opportunity in the New Age, Greece can be the Innovation Park of the World.




IDEAGENESIS is the personal company of Yannis Kaplanidis since 2002.



  • Bachelor – Marketing (1994-1998) -

  • Master in Business Administration – MBA (1998-2000) -


Work Experience:

  • 2017-today: Agent of Innovative Companies

  • 2012-2016: Marketing Consultant of Hellenic Rowing Federation & Manager of 10 Olympic Champions

  • 2009-2012: Editor, “Free Press ESC”

  • 2005-2009: General Manager of editions HELEXPO TODAY

  • 2002-today: Multimedia productions, graphic arts, web development, marketing services



  • Law Office -

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