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White Folding Canopy Container Pool Stand 3x2 meters RAL 9016

Our folding canopy container in White RAL 9016 from Bar Container serves as trendy information stand at a public pool.

Παρουσίαση BARCONTAINER 2024
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Our team consists of young, dynamic, and enthusiastic people, but our experience is vast and long-lasting. For over 10 years, we have been active in the field of storage and bar containers, started as a small family business, and expanded beyond our initial goals. Now, we offer containers to solve any need you might have: whether is to start your own small business, to organize your garden equipment, or just a place to put away old toys and furniture, we have what you need!Our bar containers offer resistance and durability, with quality accessories that guarantee protection against the weather or against theft.

Our bar and storage containers assemble easily, without the need for heavy tools. To assemble the bar containers you only need a drill, a toolbox and colleagues or friends to help hold the panels and in this way it will be assembled in 30 minutes.

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