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What Is Our Unique Glamping Flooring System?

If you choose a tent with a flooring system then your glamping tent is supplied with: A) Plastic legs for level adjustment; B) Powder-coated metal frame; C) Powder-coated metal connectors; D) Wooden panels for easy floor installation.

To assemble our flooring system you do not need a saw. Just a wrench for bolts.

Air circulation

As our tents with a full flooring system always stand on their own legs and never touch the ground it helps the air circulation and no mold will appear as the floor is always dry.

Wooden floor panels

We have developed wooden floor panels for fast and easy installation. In this case, you don’t need to cut any wooden planks and measure anything. Just drop the flooring in the place and that’s it.

Powder coated frame

The frame can be left standing outside of season when you are not operating the glampsite. Or you can just take it apart like the tent itself.

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