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What exactly is a Bell Tent?

Bell tents are becoming more popular these days, particularly among people who like a bit of luxury in the outdoors. But, what exactly is a bell tent and what are they for?

A bell tent is actually one of the oldest forms of outdoor living shelters. They feature a single central pole and are made with a 100% Polyacrylonitrile. These tents are durable, waterproof, and provide a spacious interior for a comfortable glamping experience.


Here are some of the benefits of using these shelters:

• Spacious. The main reason why people choose this style of glamping tent is that it offers a whole lot of interior space, enough to rival even the largest of family tents. With all this added space, you can bring along comfortable glamping cots, lots of extra gear, and all of life’s little luxuries.

• Durable & Waterproof. Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) fiber, one of the most importantly synthetic fibers, has been widely used because of its good warmth retention and low resistance to light, mildew, etc. This fabric is extremely water-resistant.

• Warmth. While this fabric is breathable, it’s one of the few fabrics out there that’s also keeps warmth. Plus, most bell tents are compatible with a wood stove, which makes it easier to stay warm during the winter.

• Easy Set-Up. This style of tent is designed to be easy to set up, even for a solo glamper. In fact, most of these shelters that are under 15 ft (5m) can be pitched by just one person.


If you’re interested in living outdoors full-time, a bell tent is certainly an option. People have lived in these shelters around the world for centuries and many still do. They were actually used quite extensively throughout the Crimean War to house soldiers for extended periods of time.

These tents make for an ideal outdoor living shelter because they offer lots of interior space. They are tall enough to stand upright in and can usually be heated in the winter with a portable wood stove.

However, living in a bell tent isn’t like living in a regular house. Unless you have a property that’s set up with water and electrical hook-ups, you have to be prepared to live off the grid in your shelter. If that sounds like a nice way to live, though, then these tents are a solid choice.


Bell tents are a fantastic option for anyone that enjoys some luxury camping in the great outdoors. Like all shelters, they have their pros and cons, but when it comes to overall quality and comfort, these tents are hard to beat.

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