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WATERCAR - Operational Instructions Video

With 20+ years of experience and all the successes and failures behind them, this turned out to be by far the most challenging project the team has ever attempted.

The end product speaks for the skill and tenaciousness of the WaterCar team in USA. Capable of highway speeds on land and thirty-five knots on water, the four-wheel-drive H1-Panther transitions between land and water in under 20 seconds.

The body is constructed out of high-strength aluminum and is designed for operating in some of the harshest conditions. We use the most durable and strongest parts available. With its large stainless-steel prop capable of running in the dirtiest water to its low range 4 x 4 huge mud tires, it is still comfortable to be driven down the highway.

The H1-Panther is a true amphibious utility vehicle that can be used in the most brutal conditions. The H1-Panther is by far better than any other amphibious vehicle ever built to date.

Παρουσίαση WATERCAR 2023
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