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UMS 865 Cab

Completely aluminum boat UMS 865 is the largest serial cabin boat built by UMS company. The UMS 865 Cab modification is equipped with a comfortable cabin in the bow, which provides possibilty of rest during long trips. UMS 865 Cab, like UMS 865 HT, can be equipped with one or two engines with a total capacity of up to 500 hp. Due to the high strength characteristics, UMS 865 withstands even the most severe conditions. The size of the boat provides enough space for both professional tasks and active recreation. In addition, the boat can be equipped with a sleeping place in the cabin, a heater, a kitchen module, a refrigerator and a toilet in a separate compartment.

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  • LOA, m: 8,58

  • BOA, m: 2,37

  • Board height, m: 1,58

  • Hull thickness, board/bottom, mm: 4/5

  • Deadrise, transome/middle, degree: 16,5/22,5

  • Passengers: 10

  • Transom height, mm: 635

  • Fuel tank, l: 500

  • Hull material: Aluminum alloy 5083

  • Design category: C


  • Maximum engine, h.p.: 500

  • Recommended engine, h.p.: 300

  • Maximum engine weight, kg: 576


  • All-welded aluminum hull alloy 5083 H 111

  • Embossed aluminum caddy’s roof and aft deck. EVA carpet inside cabin.

  • Sleeping caddy in the bow

  • Aft seat

  • Cabin and caddy furnished with carpet

  • Aluminum consoles of the driver and a passenger (toilet optional)

  • All-around cabin glass windows

  • Soft seat AJ Baltic on turnable pedestal with the slider Springfield 1240729-L – 2 pcs

  • Side seats in the cabin

  • Welded railings

  • Welded cleats – 6 pcs

  • Aluminum ladder

  • Navigational lights+musthead light

  • Cabin and caddy spot LED-lighting

  • Driver and passanger wiper

  • Cabin hatch above driver and passanger – 2 pcs. Roof hatch in caddy.

  • Hydraulic steering system

  • Trimtabs with actuators and controls

  • Control panel for the electric equipment

  • Fuel system for 500 l. Indicator and sender included

  • Automatic bilge pump

  • Bi-polar main switch Blue Sea – 2 pcs

  • Anode hull protection with mounting bracket – 2 pcs

  • Electric socket 12 V with USB connector on driver’s console – 2 pcs

  • Battery container

  • Fender profile

  • Transom bracket (for orders with 2 engines)


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