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Surfing Shop Flat Pack Container 4x2m in Color Blue

Our flat pack container in blue ordered at Bar Container was a great option for a surfing shop or drinks stand at the beach!

Παρουσίαση BARCONTAINER 2024
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The Flat pack container has everything within reach and provides convenience to consumers and owners. In addition to the Flat pack container we have more products that seek to meet the needs of our customers.

Our Flat pack container comes in the size 4x2 meters XL and be purchased in the color Black (RAL 9005). The Flat pack container is ideal to open your restaurant or bar anywhere you wish, becoming the perfect option to attract the public, organize your products, and protect your kitchen equipment. Our Flat pack container is easy to assemble, has great durability and resistance to any weather or inconvenience, and provides security thanks to its strong metal structure and quality accessories.

The Flat pack container offers you the comfort and quality you are looking for in a permanent or temporary structure. Thanks to its unique flatpack design, the Flat pack container can be transported fast and efficiently, all you need is a forklift. It was also be transported when is fully assemble thanks to the base panel, so relocating your Flat pack container will be fast and cost effective.

The Flat pack container is ideal for anyone who wants a place to have a good time and dine with friends or family, it can also become a small business wherever you want. Other accessories such as lights, metal shelves, window panels and much more are available to purchase at Bar Container.

The Flat pack container comes in a beautiful black color, but we also offer you the option to customize it according to your tastes and needs, we have a wide variety of classic RAL colors to choose from such as red, white, blue or a combination of two colors. This will make your Flat pack container match your brand. or —if you want it at home— match your outdoor space and backyard.

The Flat pack container can be customized and can be found in a variety of sizes according to the needs of our customers, our priority is to meet the needs of our clientele and provide an option that suits your business or new venture. With a Flat pack container you can do whatever you can think of: a coffee shop, an ice cream parlor, a bar for drinks, a place to sell fruit or candy, a souvenir display or whatever you can imagine. Start your business with us now!

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