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Stunning Pop-Up Container Design at a Seaside Beach Club

Our 4x2 XL Pop Up Container creates a soothing and eye-catching space for beach goers.

Παρουσίαση BARCONTAINER 2024
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The Pop Up Container is a demountable container, it comes in various sizes like the 4 meters long and 2 meters wide in their XL model, providing a larger square space than the standard 4x2m model. This size is perfect for different purposes, providing you with space in a compact size. The Pop Up Container from Bar Container comes in various presentations and colors, not to mention you can personalize it. This demountable container is different from the shipping container, it has properties that are more user friendly, cost effective, and with its unique foldable canopy it can be used for events, festivals, and small shops.

Whether you want to create convenience store, participate in festivals, or have it at home, this Pop Up Container is perfect for your needs. In addition, this demountable bar container can be used for business purposes for anything you want easily.

The demountable Pop Up Container can be assembled efficiently thanks to its modular design. It is delivered in a single flat pack with all necessary parts. The package comes with a roof panel, floor panel, corrugated steel side panels, a long side with a foldable canopy, double door panel, instruction manual and the nuts and bolts needed for the assembly of the container. With the help of some friends, a toolbox, and a drill the structure will be assembled in less than 30 minutes. The best part of it is they can be instantly used!

The Pop Up Containers are much lighter in weight than the regular sea containers because it is half the size, and its panels are much lighter. This containers can be transported with bare hand with the help of some friends, but if it is fully assembled, it can be transported with a forklift or crane with ease. Transporting the Pop Up Container with a forklift does not damage its structure, so it will remain in optimal conditions after being transported, even after it is transported several times.

The Pop Up Container Bar can be complemented with a lot of different unique accessories for demountable containers. The container bar can have different set of shelves installed inside to store and sort all type of goods for your business or home goods, or you can also install light bulbs and access ramps to boost your container.

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