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SHERP / The Shuttle

SHERP the Shuttle represents an incredible cargo boat that delivers assistance and helps to save lives in hard-to-reach areas much faster. Carries up to two SHERP all-terrain vehicles at once, easily launches and raises them from water and transfers to any point.

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Length: 12,80 m

Width: 3,66 m

Height: 4,56 m

Ramp width: 2,95 m

Body and cab materials: aluminum 5083-H111

Net weight: 5900 kg

Maximum payload: 8000 kg

Engine: Mercury F300 x 2

Fuel tank: 1000 l

Maximum speed of an empty boat: 60 km / h (with 9 inch screws)

Maximum speed of a loaded boat: 4 tons of cargo 35 km / h (11 inch screws)

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