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SHERP The Ark - Universal Platform

The SHERP the Ark all-terrain vehicle with a universal platform is ideal when you need to transport cargo to or from places that usual platforms can’t pass. The machine is equipped with everything necessary to secure a load, and high through put will allow you to successfully complete any operation. Crossing a river or boulders on the way is not a problem. Everything will be delivered safe and sound.

Παρουσίαση SHERP The Ark 2023
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Body type: Hardtop

Body material: Steel (frame and bottom, hot dripped galvanized) and aluminium (cabin)

Steering: Steering wheel, multi-power articulated (3-axis)

Tire size: 1600 х 600 х 25 (63 x 23 x 25 in)

Type of tyres: Tubeless, extra-low pressure

Suspension: Pneumatic circulating, separate adjustment for front and rear sections

Maximum speed (at the top-gear): Up to 30 km/h (18.6 mph)

Minimum speed (at the low-gear): 2 km/h (1,2 mph)

Engine model: Doosan D24

Fuel type: diesel

Emission control: Stage 5 / Tier-4-final

Engine DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst): DOC+DPF/DOC only

Fuel consumption: 8-12 L/h (2-3 gal/h)

Engine displacement: 2.4 L

Cylinder count: 4

Max engine power: 55,4 kW (74,3 hp)

Max engine torque: 320 Nm

Generator Performance: 140 А

Fuel tank volume: 180 L (63 gal) (30 L [8 gal] in a front section, 150 L in rear section)

Capacity of additional fuel canisters: 10 x 58 L (15 gal)

Gearbox: mechanical, 5-speed

Dry weight: 4300 kg

Loading capacity: 3400 kg (400 kg in front section and 3000 kg in rear section)

Towing capacity: 4000 kg

Cabin internal volume: 5.9 m3

Rear space internal volume: 3.1 m3

Overall internal volume: 9 m3

Maintenance interval (first/regular): 250 hours (first 50 hours)

Parking brake system: Mechanical handbrake

Base Model Includes:

Cabin and passenger module ROPS: 3-point seatbelt for driver and passenger

Backup battery: Glove boxes

Rear view camera: Additional fuel tank rims

LED hi-beam and low-beam


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