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SHERP / The ARK - People Mover

The people mover version of SHERP the Ark is designed to carry groups of people in the most extreme conditions. This powerful machine can be used in rescue operations for victims of natural disasters, such as floods or earthquakes. It will also be easier to organize extreme tours for thrill seekers. The passengers will be as safe as the driver. Another obvious advantage of the passenger model is the ability to take on board up to 21 passengers (3 in the front section and 18 in the rear section) plus the driver. Transporting or saving people will require less time and effort. All the main characteristics of SHERP the Ark are the same: the machine is capable of traversing grass, forest, sand, peat, moor, marsh, beach, dunes, rocks, scree, gravel, snow, ice, and climbing from water to ice.

Παρουσίαση SHERP The Ark 2023
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Body type: Hardtop

Body material: Steel (frame and bottom, hot dripped galvanized) and aluminium (cabin)

Steering: Steering wheel, multi-power articulated (3-axis)

Tire size: 1600 х 600 х 25 (63 x 23 x 25 in)

Type of tyres: Tubeless, extra-low pressure

Suspension: Pneumatic circulating, separate adjustment for front and rear sections

Maximum speed (at the top-gear): Up to 30 km/h (18.6 mph)

Minimum speed (at the low-gear): 2 km/h (1,2 mph)

Engine model: Doosan D24

Fuel type: diesel

Emission control: Stage 5 / Tier-4-final

Engine DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst): DOC+DPF/DOC only

Fuel consumption: 8-12 L/h (2-3 gal/h)

Engine displacement: 2.4 L

Cylinder count: 4

Max engine power: 55,4 kW (74,3 hp)

Max engine torque: 320 Nm

Generator Performance: 140 А

Fuel tank volume: 180 L (63 gal) (30 L [8 gal] in a front section, 150 L in rear section)

Capacity of additional fuel canisters: 10 x 58 L (15 gal)

Gearbox: mechanical, 5-speed

Dry weight: 5382 kg

Loading capacity: 2000 kg (400 kg (880 lb) in front section and 1600 kg in rear section)

Towing capacity: 4000 kg

Cabin internal volume: 5.9 m3

Rear space internal volume (without seats): 14.2 m3

Overall internal volume: 20.1m3

Maintenance interval (first/regular): 250 hours (first 50 hours)

Parking brake system: Mechanical handbrake

Base Model Includes:

Cabin and passenger module ROPS: 3-point seatbelt for driver and passenger

Backup battery: Glove boxes

Rear view camera: Additional fuel tank rims

LED hi-beam and low-beam


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