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SHERP / Firefighting

SHERP Firefighting UTV is a one-of-a-kind solution to fight forest fires, that embodies all the best technologies and capabilities of SHERP!

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Παρουσίαση SHERP FF 2023
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SHERP Firefighting UTV is the ultimate solution in fighting forest fires that take place in the most extreme conditions – non-flying weather, harsh terrains and poor visibility and that are unaccessible by other transport.

Thanks to its extreme passability, SHERP Firefighting UTV can move across shaky grounds, fallen trees, cross swamps, mud, peatbog, and float in open waters. It can conquer the steep hills and sheer barriers, wade through thickets and easily maneuver in dense forests.

Building of firelines

Speed up the procedure of setting up preventive firelines due to the short time for transportation of firefighters and the necessary equipment to the harsh terrain locations.

Effective fire mop-up procedure

The tire cooling system allows it to move through smoldering areas and extinguish the embers in order to eliminate the possibility of fire renewal.

Direct and indirect firefighting attack

Highly effective firefighting actions due to the delivery of motorized and high-performance firefighting equipment to remote areas.

Eliminating flood aftermath

The Firefighting UTV can be a high-performance movable water pumping unit for drainage works during floods.

Creating a reliable resupply chain

Firefighting brigades receive fuel, water, and all the necessary equipment on time despite complicated terrains or weather conditions.

Search & rescue operations

The UTV can be equipped with folding seats and stretchers to evacuate firefighters or victims from a disaster area.

Main Advantages

* Supports firefighting and search & rescue activitie

* Transports up to 2 500 litres (UTV+trailer) of water or firefighting liquid

* Transports people or equipment across harsh terrains and water reservoir

* Increases the effectiveness of firefighting, mop-up, and search & rescue operations due to reliable resupply and transportation of the necessary equipment to the hard-to-reach location

* High cross-country ability under severe conditions (bushfires, floods, etc.)

* Versatility – may be transformed into a utility or search & rescue transport

* High-performance pump can be installe

* Can be equipped according to local requirements & standards

Features & Equipment

* Seats for a driver and a passenger. Additional seats can be installed in the rear compartment instead of the main water tank

* Main flexible water tank with a capacity of 1000 l

* Fire hoses Ø50 mm, length 20 m

* Manual fire nozzles with switchable modes of work

* Firefighting pump with Ø 50mm inlet and outlet

* Telescopic ladder

* Tires cooling system to protect wheels from the fire, that enable driving through smoldering areas

* Special light and sound devices

* Additional firefighting trailer with a specially designed 1500 l water tank

* Professional entrenching tool

SHERP Firefighting UTV is a one-of-a-kind solution to fight forest fires,

that embodies all the best technologies and capabilities of SHERP!

SHERP Firefighting Specification

Body type: Hardtop

Body material: Frame and bottom - steel (galvanized), cabin - aluminium

Steering: Skid steering

Tire size: 1.800 x 600 x 635 mm (71 x 23 x 25 in)

Type of tyres: Tubeless, extra-low pressure

Suspension: Pneumatic circulating - PATENTED

Maximum speed (at the top-gear): Ground – up to 40 km/h (25 Mph), water – up to 6 km/h (3,7 Mph)

Minimum speed (at the low-gear): 2 km/h (1,2 Mph)

Engine model: Doosan D18

Fuel type: Diesel

Emission control: Stage V / Tier-4-final

Engine DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst): DOC+DPF / DOC only

Fuel consumption: 5–8 lph (1,3–2,1 gph)

Engine displacement: 1,8 L

Cylinder count: 3

Max engine power: 41 kW (55 hp)

Max engine torque: 190 N·m

Generator performance: 140 A

Fuel tank volume: 95 L

Capacity of additional fuel canisters: 4 x 58 L (15 gal)

Gearbox: Mechanical, 6-speed

Dry weight: 2.400 kg (5 291 lb)

Loading capacity: up to 1 200 kg (2 646 lb)

Towing capacity: 2.350 kg (5 181 lb)

Maintenance interval: 250 moto hours (the first maintenance - 50 moto hours)

Parking brake system: Mechanical handbrake

Base Model Includes:

ROPS (rollover protection system): 3-point seatbelts for the driver and the passenger

Backup battery: Glove boxes and cup holders

Rear view camera: Side storage boxes

LED hi-beam and low-beam: Additional fuel tanks, integrated into each wheel

Towing hitch integrated in front and rear bumpers: Autonomous heater

Integrated front and rear footboards: Preparation for A/C installation

Service temperature

Overall dimensions

Fuel autonomy Loading / water capacity

Max. speed

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