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SHERP / Case Study - Journey to the Rybachy Peninsula

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Journey to the Rybachy Peninsula


The #RybachyPeninsula is the northernmost part of continental European Russia and tourists describe it as the edge of the world. Its name is translated as "Fisher Peninsula", fishing was always of major importance here. The peninsula is in fact nearly completely surrounded by Arctic ocean. The Rybachy Peninsula is located within several hours of ride from Murmansk.

Many centuries ago Pomor fishermen had already lived there. First mention of peninsula in the Russiam chronicles was made in 16th century. At that times, the peninsula was of great importance for fishing and trading between Russia and Europe. Norwegians and Finns lived there during 19-20 centuries.

During the World War II for three years it was an arena of a positional war between Germans and Soviets. The peninsula covered the access to Murmansk and Arkhangelsk, which were the main gates for the Lend-Lease. The front split the peninsula in two parts, both sides having heavily fortified positions. There are a lot of memorials on the peninsula as well as untouched WWII artefacts which can be easily found among countless hills.

Now, most of military bases are non-operational, but the territory is still closed to foreigners. The border zone is the reason why foreigners need to get permission which takes about two months.

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