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SHERP / Case Studies - Powerlines

More Information about SHERP:

Description: Energy companies which produce/deliver energy, power generation and infrastructure management.

Needs: Energy infrastructure servicing and equipment transportation to hard-to-reach places, maintenance and repair of power lines in remote areas, urgent staff transporting in case of emergencies.

Pain points:

  • High expenses for helicopter usage.

  • Weather dependence.

  • Helicopters are not safe and not suitable for pipelines servicing.

  • SUV/SUT have limited off-road abilities in terms of passability and transportation capabilities.

  • SUV/SUT and Helicopters are not suitable for swamps.

  • It is not possible to use any vehicle on the thin ice.

SHERP Solutions: Support unit for power-grids repair and maintenance operations in hard-toreach areas and harsh terrain. It allows for power supplies to be restored faster and down-times dercreased. Safe and suitable for energy infrastructure servicing.




DUKE ENERGY – one of the largest electric power holding companies in the United States, providing electricity to 7 . 7 million retail customers in six states.

Needs: crew and equipment transporting for regular monitoring operations, maintenance and repairing the infrastructure in remote locations .

SHERP Solution: using special vehicles for the most challenging conditions in everyday operations, overcoming any kind of obstacles – swamps, wetlands, lakes and rivers etc.




MANITOBA HYDRO is a provincial Crown Corporation and one of the largest integrated electricity and natural gas distribution utilities in Canada.

Needs: using specialized vehicles to transport people and tools to remote incidents in extreme conditions.

SHERP Solution:

  • Urgent staff transporting in case of emergencies to the most inaccessible locations for the elimination of power infrastructure damage.

  • Allows for quick access to hard-to-reach areas, crossing water obstacles without having to create temporary passages in order to reach worksites.


TRANSENER is the leading Argentine company in the transmission of extra high voltage electric power.

Needs: high passability vehicle for crews and equipment delivery to remote worksites, maintenance and repair of power lines, eliminating accidents.

SHERP Solution: used for maintenance and repair operations in hard-toreach locations, urgent crew transportation in case of emergencies, reducing time of accident elimination.




SAGEMCOM is a leading European group on the high added-value communicating terminals market (broadband solutions, audio video solutions, and smart grid end-to-end solutions) which is based in France.

Needs: high passability vehicle for people and tool transportation for projects on the island of Madagascar.

SHERP Solution: used for crew and equipment delivery to hard-to-reach locations for the installation of Internet cable lines.


DTEK is a key player in thermal generation and coal mining in Ukraine. It is a generator of electric power at fossil-fuel power plants and renewable energy power plants, a supplier of thermal and electric power to end consumers, and an energy service provider.

Needs: inspection of high-voltage lines in hard-to-reach wetlands, regular monitoring and maintenance of power lines in river crossings areas and wetlands in order to prevent blackouts.

Previous solution: using boats or monitoring only during the winter period, when workers were able to get to the site by travelling over thick ice.

SHERP Solution:

  • Reduced time of power line inspection by 8 times.

  • The ability to operate in any season without waiting until swamps freeze.

  • High passability – SHERP is able to take on any obstacles that competitors would not.




Location specifics: highlands, steep grades and slopes, mountain rivers

Previous solutions: horse-drawn or light truck delivery, manual loading and transportation in impassable areas

Pain points: using wooden power towers instead of concrete ones due to transportation impossibility (low loading capacity and passability)

SHERP Custom Solution (loading crane):

  • will increase the transportation ability.

  • will enhance the loading capacity.

  • will displace machines operated by workmen.

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