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SHERP / Case Studies - Oil & Gas

More Information about SHERP:

Description: Pipelines and rig maintenance companies who are involved in mining, mineral processing pipelines, rig maintenance and transportation.

Needs: Servicing the piping infrastructure and equipment transportation to hard-to-reach areas.

Pain points:

  • High expenses of helicopter usage.

  • Weather dependence.

  • Helicopters are not safe and not suitable for servicing pipelines.

  • SUV/SUT have limited abilities in off-road conditions in terms of passability and transportation capabilities.

  • SUV/SUT and helicopters are not suitable for swamps.

  • It is not possible to use any vehicles on thin ice.

SHERP Solutions:

  • Significantly decreases time for maintenance, crew transportation and reduces pipeline downtime regardless of weather conditions.

  • Safe and suitable for energy infrastructure servicing.

  • Capable of carrying out any transportation on any terrain: swamps, water, any kind of soils, thin ice.




UKRTRANSAFTA PJSC is a part of the Ukrainian oil and gas leading company “Naftogaz Ukraine”. It was created in 2001 for the purpose of optimizing the operation of Ukraine’s oil transportation system and implementing a uniform policy in this field.

Needs: monitoring and inspection of pipelines in hard-to-reach locations, especially in swamps.

SHERP Solution:

  • SHERP is used as a support unit for pipeline maintenance, increasing durability and work efficiency throughout wetlands and marshy areas.


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