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SHERP / Case Studies - Mining & Exploration

More Information about SHERP:

Description: Geo-exploration, surveying and mining.

Needs: Extreme passability and utility in hard-to-reach areas. Strong transportation capabilities for equipment deliveries. Extreme autonomy for long-lasting expeditions.

Pain points:

  • High costs and lack of possibility to use a helicopter in certain conditions.

  • Expensive to use several kinds of vehicles for one single expedition.

  • Not always possible to use a few vehicles during a long-lasting expedition.

  • Low transportation capabilities of vehicles in off-road conditions.

  • Impossibility of equipment transportation for geo-exploration in certain conditions.

  • Vehicle reliability and maintainability (should be easy to repair).

  • Not always possible to sleep in the vehicle.

  • Repairing the vehicle is usually outside in severe condition.

SHERP Solutions:

  • Can be used in winter, flooding periods or in peat bogs.

  • Versatile solution in terms of equipment and able to carry heavy cargos in off-road conditions.

  • Autonomous – 5 tanks in the 4-wheels models and low fuel consumption. Simple construction and easy to repair.

  • Up to 5 sleeping places in one 4-wheel SHERP.

  • All aggregates are located inside the cabin, so there is no need to leave the cab to service them.




PIPEHUNTER – pipeline monitoring and maintenance company, based in Chile. A contractor for mining companies for tailing maintenance (leakage prevention, residual mineral analysis) and other engineering solutions.

Previous solution: rental helicopter to transport people to worksites.

SHERP Solution: used to transport crews and to deliver equipment to hard-to-reach locations with difficult surfaces – pulp, wet soil, sludge etc.

Key clients:

  • CODELCO – Corporacion Nacional del Cobre de Chile – the largest copper producing company in the world (11% of the world’s total), explores, develops, processes, and sells copper.

  • COLLAHUASI MINE – one of the largest copper reserves in Chile




GOLDCORP Inc. the world's fourth-largest producer of gold (Vancouver, CA) and Newmont Mining Corporation (Colorado, US), the world’s second-largest producer of gold was merged in 2019.

Main business: gold mining and related activities including exploration, extraction, processing and reclamation.

SHERP Solution: Goldcorp’s Coffee Gold Project started in Dawson City and serves SHERP as a rescue vehicle at the exploration camp.




GOLD FIELDS is a globally diversified gold producer with 9 operating mines in Australia, Peru, South Africa and West Africa (including the Asanko JV), as well as one project in Chile.

Pain points: Exploring under salt lakes poses a very difficult undertaking, due to ever-changing and unpredictable ground conditions.

SHERP Solution:

  • Provides safe and simple access to the difficult and harsh conditions of the Lake Carey salt lake, Granny Smith Mine (underground gold mining operation located 740 km northeast of Perth, Western Australia).

  • Copes with the harsh salt lake conditions.

  • Offers alternative people and emergency transport.

  • Enables the lake’s islands to be explored with an extremely low environmental footprint.

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