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Description: Companies that are involved in real estate development, construction and dredging work in hard-to-reach areas, remote constructions of private equity and public infrastructure.

Needs: Delivering construction equipment and crew workers in hard-to-reach areas (especially those proximate to waters), ensuring access to any worksite in any weather conditions and any terrain – making it easier and safer.

Pain points:

  • Dependence on seasons and weather when using a boat.

  • High costs of using several types of vehicles.

  • Not possible to use almost any vehicles on thin ice and high shores  SUV/SUT have limited abilities on off-road. in terms of passability and transportation capabilities.

SHERP Solutions: Help to deliver equipment and personnel to remote areas, where it has proved its efficiency and safety in comparison to analogs. SHERP enables work to be carried out in all weather and natural conditions and replaces hovercraft, snowmobiles, trucks and boats all at once.

  • The only UTV capable of operating and traveling on thin ice and high shores.

  • Carries heavy cargos on off-road.

  • Cheaper to own compared to a truck.

  • All weather transportation.


· Marine professionals in the marine construction sector, environmental remediation, and harbor management since 1919. Focused on providing quality services to both public and private owners of marine-based infrastructure. Main businesses: environmental services, marine and dam construction, commercial diving services, harbor management, railroad services.

SHERP Solution:

· Used for environmental remediation projects, excavation and dredging works for environmentally sensitive areas that require low-impact equipment.

· SHERP, working in combination with an airboat – excels in muddy, swamp conditions where the airboat would struggle.

  • Safe transportation of people and equipment to work locations over a terrain which is too soft to ride and too dense to float.

  • Avoiding unnecessary high costs for the installation of temporary roads or the purchase of large quantities of mats.

  • Eliminating significant site preparation, typically required for traditional excavations

  • Increasing crew safety.


DTS & ASSOCIATES is a full -service remote construction company in the Northern part of Ontario delivering the best -in -class construction and craftsmanship .

Needs: transportation of personnel and tools to the worksite situated on the opposite side of the river, as well as in wintertime when the ice is thin.

Pain points of the previous solution (boat, hovercraft):

  • Low weight capacity.

  • Time-consuming.

  • Unsafe for certain weather conditions.

SHERP Solution:

  • Transportation of a team of 4 workers team and the essential tools

  • Safe to use on thin ice – additional 4 weeks per year

  • Not getting stuck in snow even when transporting equipment and full loaded

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