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Παρουσίαση SHERP Ambulance 2023
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By means of this memory is to provide a description of a Multi-Injured Ambulance Transport and ICU Ambulance, which allows low-attention and subsequent transfer Overall, the most important features of this vehicle are.

The ambulance is equipped with four folding stretchers, with material and equipment preinstallation ICU allowing medicalization, once one of the stretchers adapted for this purpose. This combination allows for versatility in extra-hospital attention with the possibility of carrying multiple injured patients and the possibility of assistance with ICU.

  • In its basic configuration, the maximum available equipment essential material health, which specifies the STANAG 2342, depending on the physical space available inside the ambulance.

  • The transformation of the sanitary cell includes health supports and accommodations for different health facilities, ie, consumables, immobilizing material, electro-medicine equipment (infusion pump, defibrillator monitor, automatic respirator, etc...)

  • The interior design allows you to move SEVEN patients on ONE stretcher and SEVEN seated patients or bring six paramedics to a catastrophic

  • The ambulance allows, after incorporating the necessary equipment, practice ICU. In this configuration the stretchers are retracted, leaving a function stretcher to practice ICU and facilitate patient care by paramedics.

  • The construction of the ambulance is governed by military exigencies established by OTAN containers for such shelter, especially about rigidity, thermal insulation and water tightness.

The maintenance will be as small as possible. The maintenance conception fits the logistics system for the final purchaser.

Components are easily replaceable, also ensures the supply of spare parts and maintenance of their equipment during the life cycle provided and the necessary technical advice.

All signs are written in English, as well as instructions on monitoring and measuring devices.

The requirements of the bodywork construction are detailed below, assembly with the base vehicle the conditioning and interior layout, interior and supplementary lighting, identification and exterior finishing’s, and the electrical and sanitary equipment.



This equipment consists in seven (07) seats, Four (04) in the left side and three (03) in the right side. The seats are equipped with fixed cushions and backrests, every seat is equipped with a four points harness.




PC 618/2H has a special folding system allowing greater height of the stretcher, facilitating the loading operation.

PC 618/2H stretcher offers a great balance between performance and features thanks to its structure in high aluminium. Its components are extensively tested in demanding use conditions made that give high reliability.

Available with 4 caster wheels, lockable and brake the back ones. Folding backrest and side rails, adjustable pole IV, extension handles…

A versatile stretcher to cover the most of the needs of the sector.




1- Three (03) passengers’ seats

2- Two (02) cupboards with top opening

3- One (01) paramedic seat

4- Two (02) paramedic bags

5- One (01) cupboard with top opening

6- Two (02) oxygen cylinders

7- One (01) main stretcher support, one (01) support for spinal board, one (01) support for scoop stretcher

8- One (01) cupboard with top opening

9- One (01) 12v fridge, 7L capacity

10- One (01) 12v warm box for I.V., 7L capacity

11- Three (03) lockable drawers

12- Immobilization cupboard, (vacuum mattress and splints)


1- Three (03) passengers’ seats

2- Two (02) cupboards with top opening

3- One (01) set of drawers

4- One (01) bracket for defibrillator

5- One (01) bracket for suction unit

6- One (01) bracket for ventilator

7- Two (02) cupboards with top opening

8- One (01) cupboard with top opening

9- One (01) set of coloured cupboards

10- One (01) flat working space

11- One (01) cupboard with top opening

12- One (01) cupboard with straps for bags

13- One (01) medicaments and ampoule holder in furniture.


1- One (01) dust bin

2- One (01) washing basin

3- One (01) 20l water tank and One (01) 20l waste water tank

4- One (01) soap dispenser and one (01) towel paper roll



Lighting with led lights along the whole sanitary cell with three different intensities and one blue low night intensity.

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