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The Rooster is a revolutionary semi-autonomous hybrid system for indoor and underground unmanned ISR missions. The combination of ground robotic and airborne drone capabilities provides a fast maneuvering platform with long-endurance capabilities that support indoor missions. Healing mesh communication increases its underground penetration distance. Additional payloads can be mounted on the Rooster to meet custom end-user needs.

Παρουσίαση ROBOTICAN 2023
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System Components:

Operational Use

Application & Use

Perfect for ISR in communication denied environments: Caves / Subterranean, Buildings, Rubbles, Industrial, Tunnels Disaster sites.


SAR - instant survivors detection

Search and rescue tool and instant damage appraisal. The perfect tool for situational awareness, designed for Indoor rapid exploration of buildings, caves and other confined space environments. Providing a Hybrid platform solution that roles as a robot and flies as a drone that benefits from both ground and air platforms advantages. The Rooster is capable of rolling into narrow passes and fly over obstacles, stair cases or flight through windows. It can stop, turn off its motors to listen and to watch for any clue of potential survivors. The Roster support’s the first response teams to execute their mission in a agile and efficient matter with minimal risk to team members.

Security & defense

A reconnaissance hybrid system in flight, while rolling and at stationary position. Rolls like a robot and flies like a drone. Urban environment fighting has enormous challenges and risks to combat soldiers mostly generated by lack of intelligence on enemy activity indoors and underground. Robotican’s Rooster is designed specially to provide real-time vision from these hard-to-reach environments. Underground facilities and indoor operations challenge the communication link to regular drones & robots, using a mesh radio link enables Roosters to relay comm. between each other and by using three Roosters enabling steady communication throughout ISR missions.

Preventive Maintenance Inspections

The Rooster capability to roll as a robot, fly as a drone, park as a rock and provide video imagery make it the ideal device to scan indoor facilities and buildings. The Rooster will roll on the floor, fly over obstacles and up staircases, in and out of rooms and be stationed at standby as a remote observation sentinel. Real-time video streaming from inaccessible areas, easily approach hazardous facilities and inspect in confidence narrow passes relying on the ROOSTER’s robust and flexible structure.

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