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MOMO Holiday House

30 m² modular steel house in turn-key standard

Παρουσίαση MOMO Steel Houses 2023
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MOMO Holiday House is a modular all-year round house based on a steel frame. This spacious one floor tiny house has a very spacious living with kitchen and bathroom. The house is built on our production site passing through all stages of production until it is completely finished. After completion at the production site, it is transported to its final destination. MOMO Holiday House is assembled within 1-2 days and then ready to use. The house is delivered in a turn-key standard.

MOMO Holiday House is also available in a few different sizes. – 44 m2 with an extra house modules 4.3 m wide, 4.1 m long and 3.2 m height (additional bedroom) – 58 m2 that is built out of two standard house modules (additional 2 bedrooms) – 74 m2 that is built out of 2.5 standard house modules (additional 2 bedrooms and extra living space) – 90 m2 that is built out of 3 standard house modules (additional 3 bedrooms and extra living space)


  • Layout: open plan with a separate bathroom, kitchenette, wardrobe

  • Outside dimensions: length 7.7 m, width 4.4 m, height 3.2 m

  • Insulation: 12 cm PIR

  • Windows: Aluminium, 3-glass

  • Heating: electrical radiators / infrared panels

  • Roof: black standing seam

  • Facade: natural wood

  • Stairs: steel construction with wooden stair steps

  • Internal walls: finished with plasterboard

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