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MENZI MUCK Municipal services

The Menzi Muck allterrain spider excavator even proves its versatility within the context of water supply and distribution.

Παρουσίαση MENZIMUCK 2023
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The equipment uses biologically degradable hydraulic oil during work in bodies of water to protect the environment. Safe and efficient operations are guaranteed by various additional equipment depending on the water depth or terrain. Without any additional equipment the Menzi Muck is suitable for operation in streams and rivers up to a depth of two metres.

It climbs over larger obstructions and the flexible chassis adapts to uneven terrain. The equipment can be used in marshes, narrow canals or torrents as a result of its ideal weight distribution and vast levels of stability.

Attachments with high levels of power consumption, such as mulching units can be used profitably thanks to the high hydraulic output.


Removing driftwood from under a bridge

Mine clearance

Mulching on a slope

Removal of vegetation in drainage canals

Excavating harbour facilities

Removal of vegetation in drainage canals

River Cleaning

Clearing up mudslides

Creating new water channels

Clearing up after floods

Clearing embankments

Restoring river banks

Cleaning nature conservation areas

Removing driftwood

Cleaning sewage

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