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MENZI MUCK Construction

In construction Menzi Muck is a synonym for an extremely versatile and powerful tool

Παρουσίαση MENZIMUCK 2023
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On the one hand, the adjustable chassis enables access to almost any terrain and on the other, the machines' performance is far superior to conventional machines in the same weight category. As a result, the areas of operation are almost endless to guarantee highly efficient use of the equipment. In some countries the Menzi Muck is also called a Spider excavator.

All other construction equipment within the Menzi range also represents a reliable and durable partner for your construction projects.


Slope restoration with timber box

Rock wall in the garden

River deployment

Road construction

Noise barrier construction

Excavation of an underground car parking

Narrow space on the construction site

Civil engineering

Construction of public viewing of the ski worldtour

Tunnel construction for the underground

Construction of a viewing platform

Construction of a stone wall

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