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Next Generation Autonomous USV

Performs In Environments & Conditions Where Other Manned And Unmanned Systems Cannot.

MANTAS T8 Surveyor - Two man portable from shore or ship

The MANTAS T8 is a man portable System that can be deployed from ship, shore or boat. With a length of 8 feet (2.5 m) and a maximum payload capacity of 40 lbs (18 kgs), the T8 offers a reliable and efficient System in a compact form factor. Powered by an all-electric powertrain, it ensures clean and sustainable operations.

Based on the propulsion system and specific payload requirements, the T8 has burst speeds up to 25 kts, providing a swift and reliable system for short duration missions. The T8’s hardened line replacement unit modularity allows for simple field maintenance and operation.

Like other MANTAS variants, the System architecture is open and flexible allowing for the integration of camera, sonar and SIGINT kits for multiple mission opportunities. Whether it’s surveillance, reconnaissance, or other mission, the T8 is a practical and scalable solution for small scale operations.

Finally, The MANTAS T8 has the same control system as all other MANTAS and Devil Rays and is capable of nesting within the Devil Ray Systems.

Integration examples:

· E/O IR/Thermal PTZ Camera kits

· Side scan, single beam and smaller multibeam sonar kits

· LOS, BLOS, 4GLTE, MIMO, Satcom comms kits


· ISR, SIGInt, object detection, body location, initial intercept

· Port/harbor security

*Performance can be enhanced with solar package

More Information:




Length / Width / Height: 2.5 m / 0.66 m / 0.30m

Draft: 0.18m

Maximum Vessel Weight: 70 kg

Maximum Payload Weight: 18 kg (Max payload weight may be exceeded but at significant performance degradation)

Ocean Capable: SS3+

Propulsion Type: Twin Screw Electric Surface Drive

Operation Speed (kts): 0 - 15

Max Speed (kts): 25

Range (nm): 20 -60

Endurance (hrs) at Cruise (@10 kts): 2,0 - 6,0

Time on station (hours/days): 24 - 36 hours

Sea State Capable / Survivable: 3/5

Self-righting Capable: Yes

Gator Capable: Yes

Weapons Types: ISR, Electronic Warfare, C4 WIED (Water-born Incendiary Explosive Device - surface torpedo) NOTE: This capability is not integrated by MARTAC and would need to be integrated through a 3rd party supplier or the country end-user.




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