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Next Generation Autonomous USV

Performs In Environments & Conditions Where Other Manned And Unmanned Systems Cannot.

Single man portable above surface ISR system

Integration examples:

· E/O Camera kits

· SIGInt kits

· LOS, BLOS, 4GLTE, Satcom commskits


· ISR, SIGInt, quick interceptdetection

· Can be deployed from larger USVs to form swarms

· Near-shore, inland waters system

More Information:




Length / Width / Height: 2.0 m / 0.53 m / 0.25m

Draft: 0.15m

Maximum Vessel Weight: 36 kg

Maximum Payload Weight: 7 kg(Max payload weight may be exceeded but at significant performance degradation)

PropulsionType: Twin Screw Electric Surface Drive

Operation Speed (kts): 0 - 15

Max Speed (kts): 50

Range (nm): 15 -35

Endurance (hrs) at Cruise (@ 10 kts): 1,5 - 2,5

Time on station (hours/days): 12 hours

Sea State Capable/ Survivable: 2/5

Self-righting Capable: No

Gator Capable: No

Weapons Types: ISR, Electronic Warfare, C4 WIED (Water-born Incendiary Explosive Device - surface torpedo) NOTE: This capability is not integrated by MARTAC and would need to be integrated through a 3rd party supplier or the country end-user.




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