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Next Generation Autonomous USV

Performs In Environments & Conditions Where Other Manned And Unmanned Systems Cannot.

Integration examples:

· E/O IR/Thermal PTZ camera kits

· Side scan, multibeam, radar kits

· Can be weaponized

· LOS, BLOS, 4GLTE, MIMO, Satcom comms kits

· Can launch USVs, UUVs &UAVs


· ISR, SIG Int, EW, fast attack boat intercept, ship escort, ship-to-shore transport, MCM, ASW, S&R/HADR, EEZ Monitoring

More Information:




Length / Width / Height: 15,3 m / 3,7 m / 1,8m

Draft: 0,7m

Maximum Vessel Weigh: 5.900 kg

Maximum Payload Weight: 4.500 kg(Max payload weight may be exceeded but at significant performance degradation)

Ocean Capable: SS5+ / SS7

Propulsion Type: Twin Screw Diesel Surface Drive

Operation Speed(kts): 0 - 60

Max Speed (kts): 100+

Range(nm): 1.000 –1.800

Endurance (hrs) at Cruise (@ 10 kts): 100 - 180

Time on station (hours/days): 30 days +

Sea State Capable/ Survivable: 5+/7

Self-righting Capable: Not necessary

Gator Capable: Yes

Weapons Types: ISR, Electronic Warfare, C4 WEID, Kongsberg Protector Weapons Systems, other

Integrated Weapons: RWS can be outfitted with various weapons and lasers compatible with CROWS RWS platform. They could include Browning M2 and WKM-B (12,7 mm), M249 (5,56 mm) M240 and UKM- 2000C (7,62 mm),MK19, MK47 and Heckler & Koch GMG 40 mm Grenade Launchers inclusive Airburst , M134 7,62 Gatling and various Non-Lethal effectors. NOTE: This capability is not integrated by MARTAC and would need to be integrated through a 3rd party supplier or the country end-user.


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