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Next Generation Autonomous USV

Performs In Environments & Conditions Where Other Manned And Unmanned Systems Cannot.

MANTAS T24 deployable from ship (similar to 7m RHIB) - Diesel propulsion powerplant

The T24 is a recent addition to the Devil Ray Portfolio. Launched in April of 2023, the T24 is quickly proving to be a highly stable platform capable of many different missions. With a length of 24 feet (7.2 m) and a beam of 10 feet (3.0 m), the T24 has a remarkable payload capacity of 1,800 lbs (817 kgs) making it a workhorse in unmanned maritime capability.


The T24 can be configured for either inboard/outboard powertrain options with either gas or diesel engines. This flexibility ensures adaptability to diverse operational requirements, allowing for a range of maritime missions and operating at high burst speeds of 60+ kts.


The T24 incorporates MARTAC’s leading edge autonomy as its control system and can also nest MARTAC’s MANTAS systems and other USVs for force multiplier and over the horizon operations.

Integration examples:

· E/O IR/Thermal PTZ Camera

· Side scan, multibeam sonar, radar

· Can be weaponized

· LOS, BLOS, 4GLTE, MIMO, Satcom

· Can launch USVs, UUVs & UAVs


· ISR, SIGInt, EW, fast attack boat intercept, ship escort, MCM, ASW, S&R/HADR, bathymetric mapping, environmental monitoring

More Information:




Length / Width/Height: 7,3 m / 3 m/ 1,2m

Draft: 0,36m

Maximum Vessel Weight: 1.541kg

Maximum Payload Weight: 817 kg(Max payload weight may be exceeded but at significant performance degradation)

Ocean Capable: SS5 /SS7

Propulsion Type: Twin Screw Diesel Surface Drive

Operation Speed(kts): 0 - 40

Max speed(kts): 60+

Range(nm): 600 -800

Endurance (hrs) at Cruise (@10kts): 60 - 80

Time on Station (hours/days): 30 days +

Sea State Capable/ Survivable: 5/7

Weapons Types: ISR, Electronic Warfare, C4 WEID, RWS, other

Self-righting Capable: Not necessary

Gator Capable: Yes

Integrated Weapons: RWS can be outfitted with various weapons and lasers compatible with CROWS RWS platform. They could include Browning M2 and WKM-B (12,7 mm), M249 (5,56 mm) M240 and UKM-2000C (7,62 mm),MK19, MK47and Heckler & Koch GMG 40 mm Grenade Launchers inclusive Airburst , M134 7,62 Gatling and various Non-Lethal effectors. NOTE: This capability is not integrated by MARTAC and would need to be integrated through a 3rd party supplier or the country end-user.


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