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Next Generation Autonomous USV

Performs In Environments & Conditions Where Other Manned And Unmanned Systems Cannot.

MANTAS T12 deployable from shore or ship with launch & recovery cradle

Currently, The MANTAS T12 is MARTAC’s most popular MANTAS system and is available in full production. With a length of 12 feet (3.6 meters) and a maximum payload capacity of 140 lbs (64 kgs), it’s a solid system for littoral environments, hosted from a mothership or nested within Devil Ray Systems. The sixth-generation propulsion is highly reliable with thousands of hours of continuing operations worldwide.

Equipped with an all-electric powertrain and payload management system, the T12 ensures clean and sustainable operations, aligning with modern environmental standards. Deployable from shore, ship or boat with supporting launch and recovery equipment, the T12 has the capability of long duty cycles performing the dull, dirty and dangerous missions you may require. The MANTAS T12 also comes in an optional gator configuration whereby the hull floods to decks awash level allowing for low observable stealth missions.

The MANTAS T12 has the same control system as all other MANTAS and Devil Rays and can integrate above and below-surface sensors such as EO/IR cameras, sonars, Lidars, and acoustic modems to expand your mission opportunities.

Integration examples:

· E/O IR/Thermal PTZ camera kits

· Side scan, single beam and multibeam sonars kits

· LOS, BLOS, 4GLTE, MIMO, Satcom comms kits


· ISR, SIGInt, object detection, body location, bathymetric mapping, environmental monitoring, MCM detection, AUV launch

· Port/harbor security

· Performance can be enhanced with solar package

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Length / Width/ Height: 3.6 m / 0.90 m / 0.36m

Draft: 0.18m

Maximum Vessel Weight: 118kg

Maximum Payload Weight: 64 kg(Max payload weight may be exceeded but at significant performance degradation)

Ocean Capable: SS4+

Propulsion Type: Twin Screw Electric SurfaceD rive

Operation Speed (kts): 0 - 15

Max Speed(kts): 25 -30

Range(nm): 20-60

Endurance (hrs) at Cruise (@10kts): 2,0 -6,0

Time on Station (hours/days): 30 days + with solar option

Sea State Capable/ Survivable: 4/5 Self-righting Capable: Yes Gator Capable: Yes

Weapons Types: ISR, Electronic Warfare, C4 WIED (Water-born Incendiary Explosive Device - surface torpedo) NOTE: This capability is not integrated by MARTAC and would need to be integrated through a 3rd party supplier or the country end- user.

Integrated Weapons: Deck-mount 5.56 machine gun NOTE: This capability is not integrated by MARTAC and would need to be integrated through a 3rd party supplier or the country end-user.





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