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HDT’s Hunter Wheeled Offload Logistics Follower (WOLF) is a rugged 6×6 load-carrier for dismounted infantry. Closely matching the mobility of infantry, the Hunter WOLF can traverse narrow trails, steep slopes, and dense jungles. Using only internal fuel, the vehicle has a 100 km (60 mile) range and 72 hour endurance. The vehicle’s JP-8 / electric hybrid powertrain provides both a “silent drive” and “silent watch” capability.

HDT has been developing the Hunter WOLF since 2012. We have participated in more than a dozen evaluations with the US Army, Marine Corps, and SOCOM. The Army Test and Evaluation Command has awarded numerous Safety Releases for our candidate SMET systems.

The ruggedness and simplicity of Hunter WOLF make it very affordable. The system’s modular architecture and full compliance with the Army’s interoperability protocols makes the vehicle easy to upgrade, using a wide variety of missions kits, and keeps life cycle costs low.

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