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HDT / CWS - Containerized Weapon System

The CWS is a Tricon container optimized to provide rapid organic direct fire-power support for Combat Outposts, Patrol Bases, Forward Operating Bases, Ports, Lodgements, and Shipboard-defense applications.

Supports the full family of KONGSBERG PROTECTOR CROWS systems and effectors:

• M2, MK19, M134, M240, and M249 weapons

• 360 Situational Awareness (SA) and Escalation of Force (EoF) effectors

• Tactical Missiles – Javelin

• Escalation of Force (EoF)

More Information:

System Description

• ISO-rated Tricon container with integrated:

– Electro-mechanical lift, built to support employment of Remote Weapons Station from elevated positions

– Power management and back-up

– Full remote operational control of the container, lift and weapons station (up to 1000m)

• Networked Ethernet hub for integration and external cueing

• Situational awareness

Key Features

• Protects the force, improves survivability

– Augments exposed guard towers

• Standard, TriCon - ISO shipping container

– Non-descript, concealed purpose

– Moved with common handling equipment, common space, cube considerations, and mission-designed trailer

• Hi-rate, electro-mechanical lift

– Elevates the PROTECTOR CROWS to a position of dominance

– Improves target observation, acquisition, and engagement

– Improved fields of fire, lower chance of collateral damage

• Integrated power management, generator, solar, NATO, and shore power

– Ability to support CWS system over extended periods of time without shore power

– Operates from common or alternative power supplies

• Full remote operations

– Facilitates full control of the CWS and the PROTECTOR CROWS from a protected position up to 1000m

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