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Glamping tents to expand the existing place

Planning to open a seasonal restaurant? Want to expand the existing place and cover the outdoor terrace? Glamphouse glamping tents are a perfect fit for all catering needs!

Temporary / semi-permanent spaces for hospitality can be easily created inside the Glamphouse Glamping tent Kits.

Delicious food is just a part of the success of the restaurant business. Competition is fierce and the quality of marketing is as important as the quality of the cuisine. Nowadays designing an interesting interior is too obvious. To really stand out and differentiate from other restaurant owners look for truly unique and unusual solutions like geodesic domes for either permanent or temporary purposes.

You can use a couple of Glamping Tents to arrange separate areas within your facility. For example, you can use Moonhouse for the main dining area, Barta 53 for bar/lounge space, Triangle 33 for the kitchen, and Barta 40 for convenience facilities.

Glamphouse is a viable solution for places like resorts where seasonal fluctuation would not justify the cost of a permanent structure. They are also great for mobile businesses that “follow their clients” by visiting popular festivals, skiing resorts during the winter season, and coastal towns in the summer.

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