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BULDOCK / Floating Docks

BulDock’s strong commitment to innovation and continuous development give the brand several distinguished advantages over other players in the industry. Our products are created through cutting-edge technology to deliver secure, efficient and durable floating solutions. Made from 100% HDPE and manufactured in Italy, our products adhere to the strictest International standards. They are environmentally friendly and suitable for any type of shorelines and seabed. BulDock’s floating systems are resistant to UV light, chemicals, weather conditions and collision and can be assembled in virtually any shape and size. Our cubes’ anti-skid surface and high-load capacity makes them light, safe and reliable. And BulDock’s “venting plugs” technology allows them to remain unchanged regardless of variations in external temperature and pressure.

BulDock floating systems have a 10-year warranty. They are reliable, safe, easy to assemble and environmentally friendly.

Παρουσίαση BULDOCK 2024
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