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CubePool Comfort 6m

6 m long and 2.5 m wide ready to use container pool

Παρουσίαση MOMO CONTAINERS Pools 2023
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More Information:


Water level 1.15 m

External height 1.37 m

Accessories Filtration system

CubePool in Comfort package is a perfect solution for those who want to enjoy owning a pool without any construction work needed!

– Filtration system – WPC composite decking – Cleaning kit included

Its unique, industrial design in one of our specially designed finishes will fit both a small garden and a bigger space.


  • Length: 6.11 m

  • Width: 2.55 m

  • Water level: 1.15 m

  • External height: 1.37 m

  • Based on 20 feet shipping container

  • Ready to use the same day when delivered

  • Decking and stairs with wood composite (WPC)

  • Filtration system

  • Few colors available

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