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ANADOLU SHIPYARD 13/3/18: AS was awarded a contract by the Qatar Armed Forces “QAF”

Anadolu Shipyard was awarded a contract by the Qatar Armed Forces “QAF” to build 2 pcs of Naval Cadet Training Ship (CTS) at DIMDEX 2018 on 13th March 2018.

The Qatari Emiri Naval Forces (QENF) has ordered two Cadet Training Ships with space allocations for theoretical and practical training facilities for the cadets and the instructors.

The ships will be built in Istanbul by Anadolu Shipyard who is a strategic partner of Turkish MOD for navy shipbuilding programme. Having already completed and delivered the amphibious ships of 8 LCT, 2 LST with 8 LCVPs to the Turkish Navy, the shipyard is well organized to deliver CTS ships to QENF in 36 months.

These ships will be approximate 90mt of length and 1.950 tonnes of full load displacement. Besides basic naval cadet training, CTS will have a helipad for medium size helicopter on stern and will be capable to provide combat management and weapon training to the trainees as well. Secondary mission such as offshore patrol duties can be carried out.

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