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AA 28/05/21: Turkey's ATAK chopper upgraded with Aselsan's recognition system

Turkish defense giant's technology will enable ATAK helicopters to identify friend or foe elements.


Turkey's T129 ATAK helicopter has been upgraded with the identification friend or foe (IFF) system developed by Turkish defense giant Aselsan, according to information gathered by Anadolu Agency.

Aselsan’s IFF Mod 5/S transponder has been integrated into the T129 ATAK helicopter and all tests have been successfully completed.

All ATAK helicopters to be delivered from now on will come with the upgrade.

The transponder is already being used in a number of helicopters, airplanes, unmanned aerial vehicles, and ships, with NATO armies also transitioning to the IFF Mod 5/S.

IFF is a radar-based secure identification system that detects and tells the difference between friendly and enemy elements.

Integration of IFF Mode 5/S transponders in the F-16 Block 30-TM aircraft of the Turkish Air Force started in early 2020.

Turkish firm Aselsan is active in military and civil telecommunications, as well as radar, electronic warfare, defense, weapons, command control, and navigation systems.

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