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AA 26/01/21: Ukrainian commander meets CEO of Turkish drone maker

Aleksey Neizhpapa says Ukrainian Navy will buy UAVs from Turkish firm Baykar this year.

Ukrainian naval chief Aleksey Neizhpapa on Tuesday met with Haluk Bayraktar, the CEO of Turkish defense company Baykar, in the port city of Odessa, an official statement said.

The Ukrainian Navy said the two discussed Turkish unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, being supplied to Ukraine.

Neizhpapa was quoted as saying that this year the Ukrainian Navy will buy the UAVs with advanced features, which will operate both onshore and offshore.

Bayraktar said they will provide the latest technology to Ukraine, and share their experiences with Ukrainian partners.

Baykar is the producer of drones including the famed Bayraktar TB2, which has made its name in the world’s arms industry and on various battlefields from Libya to Syria, and most recently in Azerbaijan.

Last year, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace called the role of Turkish drones in modern warfare in the Middle East and North Africa “game-changing."

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