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AA 20/11/20: Turkish firm to roll out Al support for herd UAVs

MilSOFT develops software that can be used in rotating- and fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicles.

Turkish defense industry company MilSOFT, which offers software-based solutions to security forces, has developed software for use with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in a herd or swarm concept.

The use of swarm UAVs offers various advantages such as low hardware costs, difficult detection by enemy forces, and asymmetric threats against large platforms.

While many countries have yet to test this technology in a simulated environment, a limited number of countries including Turkey have herd technology and have tested it in the field.

According to information received by Anadolu Agency, the company worked on the project for 3-4 years and the software can be used in both rotating- and fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicles.

Working in integration with the intelligence/image plotting solutions, herd UAVs will strengthen the capabilities of existing intelligence systems by introducing additional capabilities such as discovery, detection, recognition, search and rescue, vehicle tracking, and relay creation.

The solution will pave the way for a UAV herd accompanying helicopters to perform a frontal attack and provide operational support when commands are given from helicopters.

MilSOFT aims to transfer the software solution to underwater and surface platforms and land vehicles.

The vehicles in the herd have a flight time of more than half an hour and a payload capacity of 1 kilogram.

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