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AA 20/11/19: Space should be new operational domain: NATO

Space can be used for peaceful purposes, but also can be used aggressively, Jens Stoltenberg tells reporters.


NATO allies agreed Wednesday that space should be a new operational domain for the alliance alongside air, land, sea and cybersecurity.

At a news conference following a meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Brussels, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said space can be used for peaceful purposes, but it can also be used aggressively.

"Satellites can be jammed, hacked or weaponized. Anti-satellite weapons could cripple communications and other services our societies rely on, such as air travel, weather forecast or banking," he said.

Space is also essential to the alliance’s deterrence and defense, including the ability to navigate, gather intelligence and detect missile launches, he said.

Stoltenberg said ministers also agreed on recommendations to consolidate NATO’s role in energy security, as it plays an important role in common security.

"The recommendations aim to improve situational awareness and understand the risks; protect critical infrastructure and enhance alliance resilience; and enable NATO forces to have the necessary energy resources at all times," he added.

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