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AA 20/04/20: Turkish defense giant expands operations in Asia

Aselsan signs weapons agreement with Central Asian nation of Kazakhstan


Turkish defense giant Aselsan has signed a new agreement with Kazakhstan for its remotely operated stabilized weapon platform (SARP), boosting its operations in Central Asia, the firm said on Monday.

The defense firm's remotely operated weapon platforms are installed in 20 different countries, it said in a press release.

Aselsan and its subsidiary in Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan ASELSAN Engineering or KAE) aim to step up its production capacity in order to meet the country's military and civilian needs at a maximum level, the statement added.

Aselsan is active in military and civil telecommunications, as well as radar, electronic warfare, defense, weapons, command control, and navigation systems.

It is the largest defense company in Turkey, and among the top 100 defense companies globally.

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