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AA 19/12/20: Turkish firm converts manned helicopter into UAV

Titra Technology to start mass production of long-range, heavy-lift unmanned chopper by end-2021.

A Turkish technology firm has converted a helicopter into an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with high payload and long flight time and range to meet military and civilian needs.

The core technology and solution of the project is to reduce the need for hands-on human involvement, Selman Donmez, a top executive of Titra Technology, told Anadolu Agency.

The conversion was done in cooperation with a Belarusian engineering firm, he added.

The unmanned helicopter is capable of carrying up to 160 kilograms (353 pounds) with a range of up to 800-850 kilometers (497-528 miles) and altitude of more than 4,572 meters (15,000 feet), he said.

Donmez said the company is looking to gradually boost the localization rate of its production.

"We aim to start mass production by the end of 2021," he stressed.

He noted that the vehicle can be used in the field of communications by integrating the base station in emergencies and disasters, and for logistics purposes thanks to its high load-carrying capacity.

It can also perform tasks such as ammunition delivery and supply to military operation areas, Donmez underlined.

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