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AA 19/03/21: Turkish Red Crescent donates water facilities to Uganda

1 in every 3 people in Africa facing water scarcity

The Turkish Red Crescent Friday donated solar-powered water pumps and related equipment to the people of Uganda.

A water facility with these solar water pumps was officially launched by Turkish Red Crescent Vice President Murat Ellialti.

“We are very happy to open the water wells officially in Uganda in cooperation with the Uganda Red Cross Society,” he said.

“Those in need will be able to easily access clean and safe water. Clean water will also prevent diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, hepatitis, typhoid, and arsenicosis,” said Ellialti.

He said the Turkish Red Crescent has so far provided a total of 27 water wells running on solar panel system in Africa, including 10 in Uganda, 10 in Chad, five in Niger, one in Somalia, and one in Senegal.

According to the World Resources Institute, a global NGO, many African countries face severe water crisis, with one in every three people in Africa facing water scarcity.

Sub-Saharan Africa, where some of the world’s poorest live, is hardest hit by the water crisis, with 90% of the rural population depending on agriculture as the main source of income and more than 95% of arable farming relies on rainfall.

Rising temperatures and unpredictable rainfall caused by climate change have lowered crop yields. The poor communities often face greater exposure to climate hazards.

Nearly a quarter of the Ugandan population still lacks access to safe and clean water.

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