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AA 18/09/19: Turkish defense industry on display in Teknofest

Firms introduce new, innovated types of defense products such as UAVs, software, aircraft, weapons.


Turkish defense industry companies exhibit their cutting edge products in the technology and aerospace fair Teknofest Istanbul.

Industry representatives met with domestic and international visitors, especially students from all age groups, during the ongoing event.

Several types of products, such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), artificial intelligence software, civil and military aircraft, weapons, rockets, flying cars, unmanned vessels, robots, autonomous and electric cars, engines and communication systems, were introduced amid the fair's attractions.

A participant defense company, Altinay, displayed Albatros -- its newly-designed UAV capable of carrying up to 150 kilograms (330 pounds) of any type of cargo from food to ammunition, especially to conflict areas.

Metin Erdogan, the director of the company's business development and engineering department, said using Albatros costed less than transportation via helicopters and jets, and was also able to use small-scale weapons.

Software, rifles, grenade launchers...

Ugur Coskun, the general manager of defense firm Bites Savunma, said the company developed software with completely indigenous means.

Bites, a subsidiary of Turkey's largest defense firm Aselsan, produces augmented reality software for enhanced awareness for soldiers in war zones, Coskun noted.

The company also develops another type of software in the database, modeling and training areas, he added.

Kerem Ersoy, the sales director of weapon producer Ata Arms, presented the company's exhibit of rifles and grenade launchers.

He explained that the firm manufactures weapons mostly for military use and it would deliver 8,000 grenade launchers within 2019 to the Turkish Armed Forces.

"Our defense industry reached the indigenousness ratio of 65% in the recent years but it should raise 90%," he underlined.

Teknofest Istanbul

Istanbul Ataturk Airport is hosting the six-day festival, co-organized by the Turkish Technology Team Foundation and the Industry and Technology Ministry. Anadolu Agency is the festival’s global communications partner.

The festival will host numerous activities such as aviation shows, seminars, workshops, drone championships, contests, and concerts.

Last year’s premier festival, hosted at the new Istanbul Airport, welcomed over half a million visitors. This year, it is expected to attract double attendance.

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