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AA 17/05/20: Turkish firm exports first armored ambulance to Mideast

Nurol Makine redesigned Ejder Yalcin as an ambulance to provides wide cabin, equipment for first aid


A Turkish defense company made its first export of a four-wheeled armored ambulance to the Middle East.

Nurol Makine designed and produced Ejder Yalcin as an armored vehicle for military use but redesigned it as an ambulance.

Ejder Yalcin is used by several countries in the Middle East, Africa, Middle Asia and Eastern Europe, and its armored vehicle is successful because of its high performance and high carrying capacity.

The ambulance version of the vehicle can be used for rescue in the field.

It provides a wide cabin and equipment area for medical personnel to administer first aid.

The firm continues to negotiate with other countries to export more armored ambulances.

The Turkish defense industry has made great strides in recent years with Aselsan, TAI, STM, Roketsan, and BMC, among the top 100 defense companies globally.

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