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AA 12/05/21: New rocket system ready for use by Turkish army

Multiple launch rocket system successfully hits target in test run, says defense industry authority's chief.


Turkey's multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) successfully hit targets in a firing test, the head of Turkey's Defense Industries Authority said Wednesday.

The new 107mm system is ready for use by the Turkish Armed Forces, Ismail Demir said in a tweet.

The MLRS, developed by Turkey's leading missile specialist Roketsan and the Mechanical and Chemical Industry Company (MKEK), is integrated on to a versatile armored vehicle, Vuran, which is manufactured by Turkish firm BMC Otomotiv.

"Our defense industry combines its capabilities and offers solutions to Mehmetcik [Turkish soldiers] in the field," Demir added.

The system can fire 12 rockets in a single set, he noted.

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